Sir Ben Kingsley Predicts Another Holocaust
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Lessons of the Teaching Moment

Finally, after the supposed teaching moment had ended, Crowley came to the microphone, and made clear that neither he nor Gates made any apologies, but that both had agreed to meet again and to try and look forward. Crowley also thanked the police department where he lived for protecting his own family, who evidently had also received threats because of  Sgt. Crowley’s act of arresting Gates.

 At no time, does there seem to be vitriol and intimidation coming from Sgt. Crowley’s side. There have been no reports that anyone has threatened Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., or any of his public defenders. Yet all those who have challenged Gates’ account, or who have argued that while Sgt. Crowley may have overreacted, he was not engaging in an incorrect action taken in the line of duty as a police offer, have found themselves branded as racist or worse, and even had their physical safety threatened.          

It appears, in other words, that in today’s America, with an African-American President and in a town whose Mayor is African-American, the threats are emanating not from white racists, but from those who claim to be opposed to white racism. We do not know, since threats made by cowards are always made anonymously, whether they come from African-Americans or denizens of the Cambridge, Massachusetts left-wing, living in what everyone calls “The People’s Republic of Cambridge.” 

One thing is certain. This has been a teaching moment, although the lessons learned are not necessarily those spoken of by President Obama.