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Shame on Chris Matthews

So Chris Matthews gets my award for today for the dumbest newsman of the day. Where are the giants of yesteryear when we need them? As superficial as some of them were, I doubt whether they would have let Bill Ayers walk all over them.

Matthews could take some lessons from Charles Lane, whose article in today's Washington Post tackles Ayers directly. He knews what Matthews ignores, that one might buy Ayers' fables, "but not if they know the actual history- as opposed by Ayers's selective version."  Lane and I disagree on one thing: he evidently believes Ayers when he told Lane "that he did not know about the nail bomb in advance." Chuck, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you- are you in a mood to buy for the holidays?

But Lane knows that Ayers is not saying anything new; but has been "singing this tune for years." And he, unlike many others, know that his real goal was ---and is today, as he said in his interview in Revolution a scant two years ago, to build a mass movement to bring Communism to America. As Lane puts it: "His crazy means were dictating even crazier ends."

And so, Chris Matthews, perhaps you read Lane this morning, and feel a bit of shame.