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Trump Is Justified in Using the Military Budget for the Wall

The president often references the opioid crisis to justify the need for a wall on our southern border, but he rarely invokes what may be an even greater (related) justification for making the barrier a national security issue and utilizing the military budget for its construction -- the presence of the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah.

Hezbollah's deep involvement in the drug trade is well known.  They use it to finance their murderous activities throughout the Middle East, including the Syrian civil war with its endless carnage and massive refugee crisis. But it doesn't end there -- not even close. They have reached extensively into Latin America, exploiting a network of proxies and Lebanese ex-pats from Venezuela to Paraguay.

Like the ultra-violent Mexican cartels, with whom they collaborate, Hezbollah is among the world's biggest drug pushers, managing marijuana and opium poppy farms across the globe.  The fruits of their labor are sold to you-know-who while they employ some of the most sophisticated money-laundering methods extant.

Besides that, Hezbollah has the biggest non-state army in the world with an estimated full-time force of 25,000 and a similar number of reservists.  Estimates of their rocket capability range from a 40,000 to 150,000 count, considerably more than most countries.

Nobody knows how many Hezbollah operatives have already infiltrated the U.S. through our porous southern border, but given the terror organization's aforementioned extensive history in Latin America (detailed last June by the Foundation for  Defense of Democracies' Emanuele Ottolenghi) it's hard to be optimistic.

Despite this, a recent POLITICO article -- "The secret backstory of how Obama took Hezbollah off the hook" -- showed how our previous administration cynically and reprehensibly appeased Iran to preserve Obama's feckless nuclear deal by deliberately undermining the DEA's Project Cassandra. The intention of that undertaking was to weaken the mullahs' beloved client Hezbollah. Wikipedia explains:

Project Cassandra is an effort led by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to undercut Hezbollah funding from illicit drug sources. [1] Launched in 2008, the project was said to be investigating the terrorist organization's funding. [2] According to the DEA, Hezbollah has become increasingly involved with drug trafficking and organized crime as a method of funding its activities. [3] [4] The investigation was tracking how large sums of money were being laundered from the Americas, through Africa, and to Lebanon into Hezbollah's coffers. [5]

An investigative report published by Politico in December 2017, described how, during the Obama administration, national security concerns regarding the Iran nuclear deal took precedence over the DEA project.[2]

In January 2018, Fox News confirmed that Bruce Ohr has been fired as the head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF). As the head of OCDETF, Ohr was directly involved with Project Cassandra.[6]