Trump Bashing at McCain/Franklin Funerals Truly Juvenile

The Trump bashing at the John McCain and Aretha Franklin funerals was monumentally juvenile.

Trump of course contributes to this by his own massive signal-to-noise problem.  He doesn’t know how to shut his mouth when he’s ahead.  With a roaring economy, he only has himself to blame if the Republicans lose the House in November. (Okay, some of the saboteurs in his own party will have contributed as well.)

But still, the bashers clearly lost by making the funerals once again about Trump.  As childish as Donald can be, his detractors in politics and the media are far worse.  They are more out of control than he is -- truly infantile.

Many of us suspected this would happen and decided to tune out.  I know I did, even though I revered Aretha for many years (McCain not so much).  But when I read Louis Farrakhan would be front and center at her funeral I knew something was wrong.  Better to watch the US Open.  Nadal, Federer and Djokovic are much more gracious in their comments and rarely bash each other. Also none of them are the least bit racist, to my knowledge.

As for McCain, it’s true Trump was way out of line attacking his military service, doubly so since Donald had none to offer of his own.  But McCain, whose vaunted maverick qualities often seemed motivated more by narcissism than policy, had more than got his own back on Trump.  His last minute vote to save Obamacare couldn’t have been more generated by pique.

And, far worse, though still unclear, is the senator’s role in the promulgation of the Steele Dossier.  That could, as information evolves, make McCain  party to an attempted coup -- not  great for his historical record.  At the very least, he appears to have been a useful pawn, his Trump hatred easily exploited.