Time to Get CNN Out of the Airports, etc.

With minor exceptions, almost everywhere one goes that is a public facility like airports, bus and railroad stations, as well as most private venues like the lobbies of banks and corporate towers and even bars and restaurants, CNN is the default cable news network hanging Big Brother-like on the wall for all to see and believe. Often it is blaring at us in elevators.

This is true even though in terms of voluntary home viewership CNN trails massively behind Fox News and even the less popular MSNBC.  It's clear from years of ratings, the people, by and large and consistently, don't want to watch CNN. Nevertheless, they are force fed the network's vision of the world as they sit stupefied in airport lounges waiting endlessly for a delayed flight. It's like having your brains drilled.

This has been going on for decades.  Why?

The best you can say for CNN is that, as the initiator of 24/7 cable news, the network has a first-mover advantage, but that advantage has been perpetuated and protected by a big lie.

And that lie is that CNN  is the true purveyor of impartial news.  MSNBC is on the left.  Fox is on the right. But good old CNN gives you the straight story.

Nothing could be more ludicrous.