The Russia Probe Has Nothing to Do with Russia

America is at war with itself and the Russia probe is the leading, but far from the only, front in that war.

Bad as Vladimir Putin is, the investigation has little or nothing to do with Russia--which has been what it is since the days of the tsars--and everything to do with us.

From the Okhrana (the tsars' secret police that authored the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and specialized in agents provocateurs) to the Cheka to the NKVD to the KGB to the FSB, it has always been the same. The Russians -- Soviet or not -- have always engaged in disinformation.  Their recent Facebook and Twitter offerings were nothing more than the tip of an iceberg that's been sailing for years.

In other words words, there's nothing new here. The indictments of the Russian hackers by Mueller and Company were no more than a face-saving charade.  They will never be arrested and no one will care. No one remembers who they were even now, less than a year later, except that they vastly expand the number of those indicted for breathless press reports.

U.S. leaders have been trying, and largely failing, to cope with Russia in all its guises since Franklin Roosevelt. FDR was gulled by New York Times Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty, the progenitor of "fake news" and probably its worst practitioner, into thinking Stalin wasn't so evil after all and that Dzhugashvili didn't really starve over a million Ukrainians.  And what little he did had to be done.  After all, as Duranty put it, you had to break some eggs to make an omelet.

Roosevelt went on to cede Eastern Europe to Stalin at Yalta, setting up decades of misery.  When Reagan came along and tried to reverse the situation, building the military and confronting Moscow, many of our Democrat friends -- the same ones attacking Trump for being soft on Russia -- cried foul and went viciously after Reagan as a war monger.