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Terrorism Actually Does Kill Many Americans Via the Southern Border

It's not just the tragic murders of the Kate Steinles of our country -- isolated or not -- that are the result of insufficient enforcement at our Southern border. Far more deaths than are commonly imagined occur because of this laxity and many of them, despite recent assertions to the contrary by NBC and FOX's Chris Wallace, have a not-so-subtle relationship to terrorism.

In fact, under the radar, terrorism in its most organized forms plays a significant and deadly role on our border.

How is that possible when -- to date, according to some reports -- only a relatively small number of certifiable terrorists have been caught crossing red-handed on violent missions, as was argued by NBC and Wallace?

Look no further than the life expectancy of Americans that has declined over the last few years for the first time in decades. This disturbing development has been ascribed to sedentary lifestyles and a rising suicide rate, particularly among white males, but most of all to the opioid and related drug crises. Drug overdose deaths reached 70,000 in 2017.  (As nearly everyone knows, 9/11 killed slightly fewer than 3000. And that was, luckily, a one-time event. The 70,000 figure, plus or minus, has become roughly an annual rate.)

The Atlantic published a study on who has suffered most from this epidemic.

The only racial group that saw a significant increase in their death rate between 2015 and 2016 were black men: Their age-adjusted mortality rate increased by 1 percent.

“What you see this year is a leveling off of the gains that we’ve had over the years, especially with heart disease and cancer,” among black men, said Garth Graham, the president of the Aetna Foundation and former head of the U.S. Office of Minority Health. “And the opioid epidemic is starting to overtake whatever gains we’ve made in that sector.”

White men have probably had their problems too -- but it is The Atlantic.  And, of course, not all drugs come across the Southern border, but a significant amount does via the Mexican and other Central and South American cartels.

Which brings us to the terrorism angle.  A principal -- likely the principal -- partner of the cartel gangsters in their work is, and has been for many years, Hezbollah. The fruits of that alliance plus cash infusions from Iran--and therefore, to a regrettable extent, us-- are how the world's biggest terror army finances many of its murderous activities.  They sell the deadly narcotics to our people and use the money to kill others. Death for death.

As Business Insider reported over seven years ago...

Islamic terrorist groups are setting up shop in Mexico and forming alarming ties with the country's brutal drug cartels, according to a 2010 internal memo from the Tucson Police Department.

The memo, leaked by the hacker group LulzSec as part of its Arizona Department of Public Safety hack, warns that Hezbollah has established operations — and a large arms stockpile — in Mexico.