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Howard Schultz Could Actually Win the Presidency

American politics is crazy these days and the craziest thing of all is that Starbucks founder Howard Schultz -- a Democrat possibly running as an independent -- could actually win the presidency.

Say what, you exclaim? Has Simon gone off the deep end, if he wasn't there already? Indie candidates never win. They're just spoilers.

Just as a reminder, I was one of the first to predict that Donald Trump would win -- second only to Scott Adams, according to American Thinker. That doesn't mean I will be right again. It's just worth pointing out.

And, yes, Trump himself is obviously anxious for Schultz to get into the race. Why else would the president have so quickly taunted the businessman in a tweet saying that he didn't have the "guts" to run? Trump was obviously goading Howard to get in because the conventional wisdom is that Schultz would split the Democratic vote, leading to the easy reelection of Donald.

Be careful what you wish for, as they say.

On the other hand, Schultz does have an Achilles' heel, but more of that in a moment. First, the positives.

Elections are often a reaction to the previous one. America will be searching for a calm, level-headed voice. That, we know, is not Trump, nor is it the hard-left candidate that could well, in fact likely will, win the Democratic nomination. Current frontrunner Kamala Harris is far from reassuring. She's a shrill (see the Kavanaugh hearings) quasi-socialist promising pie in the sky -- Medicare-for-all, debt-free college, guaranteed pre-K, minimum basic income, confiscatory taxes -- and she's just getting started. Bernie and others will soon be following suit. Fauxcahontas already has, competing in a game of socialist one-upmanship. Even supposedly centrist Biden is playing along. Who will win the approval of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Too bad she's too young to run.

The cost of all this, the actual numbers, if they ever even publish any, will be stratospheric. The national debt will reach the moon and beyond. Maybe Alpha Centauri. If this nonsense were all enacted, the stock market would plunge, unemployment would soar, incomes would plummet, and we'd be headed for a global Depression. It's that stupid.

And Howard Schultz knows it. That is why -- straight out of the box or whatever -- he has isolated the escalating national debt as his main issue and pilloried Trump for doing nothing about it. (He has a point there.) At first, he will seem stodgy to "idealistic" millennials, but after a while, they too will wise up. It's their futures too, after all. The outrageous costs of the Democratic platform will be made known to them and then some. The election, already started, is long. The hard left's proposals will not wear well.