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Christine Blasey Ford's Collateral Damage

Trust a "psychologist" to wreak havoc with someone else's family.

When Christine Blasey Ford finally surfaced her over three decades-old claim of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, when they were both teenagers, did she consider for a moment the effect of her accusation on Kavanaugh's daughters, already escorted from the hearing room after witnessing their father being endlessly attacked by maniacs in the audience, not to mention Kavanaugh's wife?

And how about the dozen girls the judge used to coach who came to the hearing?  Originally thrilled to be so honored, how do you think they and their families now feel?

“It’s awesome to have them all here,” Kavanaugh said, introducing them. “They are tough as nails,” he continued.

Not any more,  I'll wager.  Extremely unhappy and very confused is more like it. Indeed Ford has contributed to these young ladies having a view of men that is paranoid and mistrustful from here on out.

They are collateral damage, scarred on one level or another for life, just as Ford insists she was.

Perhaps that's what she wants.  Or perhaps she was blinded by her own narcissism augmented by political bias.

Desperate Democrats Trot Out Children to Testify Against Kavanaugh

Having experienced a fair amount of it, I can attest that psychotherapy, in its nature, is a self-interested undertaking.  Since Ford has several psychology degrees, I would presume she's been on various forms of the couch herself over the years. Almost all such students do.  It's considered part of the education, a form of "polishing" the self.

Yet this supposedly overwhelming trauma only surfaced in conjoint therapy in 2012?  Hard to believe.

But arguendo everything she says is true or at least true-ish, is what the young Kavanaugh did anything much different from a million fraternity boys at a million parties? Probably not, although it is reprehensible. But has Kavanaugh since then lived an exemplary life regarding his relationships with women?  Evidently.  In fact he has mentored them and helped them advance on numerous occasions. Sixty-five women who knew him stepped forward almost instantly to defend him.  How many of us could say that? Is he likely to be biased against women as a Supreme Court justice? Nonsense.

Is there a single person of any political persuasion who would vouch for everything he or she did in high school?

Nevertheless, we live in a time of consummate selfishness and evil.  Almost nothing is done with clean hands or pure motivation. Few, if anyone, think about others -- in this case even about their very young and impressionable sisters.  Christine Blasey Ford is a poster woman for the worst, most narcissistic end of the #MeToo movement.