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As Caravan Approaches, Quit Lying about Immigration

Has there been a subject lied about more for a longer time than immigration? Perhaps, but not many.

Republicans lie about it. Democrats lie about it until the proverbial cows come home — and then they lie about it some more.

You can start with the term "undocumented immigrants" — a piece of newspeak that would make Orwell blush. The dishonesty all flows from that, as it usually does when the English language is deliberately turned upside down.

There's no such thing as undocumented immigrants or workers, as it is sometimes written, unless you mean actual U.S. citizens who have lost or had their IDs (Social Security cards, driver's licenses, passports, etc.) stolen.

The people being referred to — welcome them or not — are "illegal aliens," full stop, according to the law of the United States of America. If you don't like that, change the law. Say you're for open borders. It's an honorable position, or was, even held by some libertarians at the Wall Street Journal years ago, not that Democrats are keen on being identified with libertarians.

But therein lies one of the Big Lies about immigration: that Democrats, liberals, progressives, whatever they want to call themselves this week, really want secure borders. It's just the wall that bothers them.

Yeah, right.

What they want are votes and everyone, including them if they're faintly honest, knows it.

The pretense is they care about the downtrodden. Give me your tired, your poor and all that. Again: yeah, right.

As one who lived in California for fifty, count 'em, fifty years, I knew scads of liberals — rich and not so rich, myself included — who at one time or another, almost always when they could get away with it, hired illegal aliens at bargain rates that left many real citizens unemployed.

Yes, some of those people —  I hope I can include myself — dealt with those illegals well, respecting them, even helping them out at times, but many didn't. They treated the illegals like coolies. (I could cite here some of the grandees of Hollywood. I saw it. It was frankly nauseating.) The hypocrisy meter is off the charts, but isn't it always?

Not just African-Americans, but legal Hispanic-Americans (hate those hyphenate terms but I use them) were also hurt by this process. Activists — who tend to be uneducated, especially now — don't realize it, but Chicano hero Cesar Chavez of United Farm Workers fame actively opposed illegal immigration in favor of those who were lawful citizens or green card holders.

Which leads me to the caravan, coming up now, largely from Honduras.

What are we to make of this? Are they funded by George Soros or his minions? Who knows, but whatever the case, these people are being exploited for political purposes. Their migration does no good for anybody, especially the migrants themselves who will have spent what little savings they have in search of a "better life" only, in most cases, to languish in holding pens for months before being sent home. If they're lucky, they will slip away during the process to spend the rest of their lives in suspended animation living outside the law — scarcely a happy ending.