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Does Egypt's el-Sisi Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

At the same time, Egypt's stock market, up thirty percent, was the best bet of any for 2014, according to the Financial Times. Does this mean Egypt is about to turn into Denmark any time soon?  Undoubtedly not.  But Denmark -- and a number of other European countries -- may be turning into Egypt or something worse.  So all is fair and el-Sisi is to be applauded.

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize virtually for no more than being elected president -- and then made a hash of everything.  El-Sisi came into power by something of a coup over the Islamofascist Morsi -- and then has worked hard to make peace, rein in and seal off Hamas, turn Qatar from the Islamist camp, etc., etc. -- far more Nobel-worthy than anything Obama ever even dreamed of.

Of course, Egypt and el-Sisi have a long way to go with many fascistic and repressive tendencies remaining (some of them laughable, including the banning of new Exodus movie for lying, when it is supposed to be so tedious no one wants to see it anyway), and of course the Nobel Committee would never award their prize to a military strongman, of all things, but the progress has been amazing and surprising. And I suspect there may be more to come from Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.