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The Star Chamber Comes to Texas

The question is, will the Republicans know how to use it?  Instapundit, as usual, is at the forefront of this discussion, noting:  "Some people seem to get it — see below — but if the GOP were serious it would be going after Dem prospects — Joaquin Castro, Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren, etc. — the same way."

Yes, but the next question is how to go after them.  I would suggest withering contemptuous sarcasm.  "Liberals" and "progressives" these days have little or no sense of humor.   They can dish it out, but they sure as Hell can't take it, Obama being the supreme example.

But I would add that Repubs make their comic jabs quick and succinct and then move on to the issues. This is advice for Perry himself who has jumped back into the public eye -- and into contention for 2016 despite a less than successful foray in 2012 -- by standing firm on secure borders.

Stay with that principally but crack wise about the Morons of Travis County.  And if anyone wants to follow up, just ask them if they have seen the video.  Is THAT the kind of person you want heading up your "Public Integrity Unit"?  Surely, you must be joking.