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Why People Zone Out on Hillary

But is the cause of this lying ideological -- the ends even roughly justifying the means? In truth, I think not.  Years ago, as a college girl, she may have had an attraction for Saul Alinsky, but in the intervening time that has been overwhelmed and, for the most part, forgotten in a welter of blind, unremitting ambition of the financial and power sort. Hillary's not a socialist, not a Marxist, not a capitalist, not a libertarian, not anything.  There's nothing authentic about her, no there there. It's hard to know what Hillary believes anymore.  She's so disingenuous she probably fools herself.   No wonder she  got so upset when being questioned about her "evolving" position on gay marriage.  She undoubtedly was having trouble remembering what she had said when and why.  It's all situational.  No one can -- not even she -- remember what she did as secretary of State except fly around on planes.

So Hillary is a nowhere woman, trying to replace a nowhere man, which is saying something given Obama's recent poll numbers. And no one wants to pay attention to a nowhere woman who has been a serial liar. It's stupefying. The natural reaction of most people, even many who will support her anyway, is to tune out -- and they have.  We've zoned out on Hillary.  She's not even a subject of glamorous interest anymore.  Who cares whom she really sleeps with or how she relates to Bill?  It's all one big snooze, less important than the Kardashians and they, apparently, are on the way out.

But boring as she is, Hillary still very well might be POTUS.  And that will be a truly sad day for this country.  Imagine, if you will, Inaugural Day 2017 with Hillary Clinton being sworn in to the presidency.  A few time-warped pseudo-feminists will be excited because she's a woman.  (How sexist is that!)  But the rest of us, I submit, will be numb, even the Democrats who voted for her because most of them will have done it without much enthusiasm or, at best, because it helps them keep their government jobs.  After eight years of Obama, we get Hillary. Yikes!

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com images.)