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The Real War on Women: Will Boko Haram Harm Hillary?

 Undoubtedly her court eunuch friends at the New York Times, Washington Post and the networks will do their best to ignore this.  As of 1PM Pacific, the NYT has nothing on the story, almost a full day after The Daily Beast broke it.  I don't even want to compare this to their endless braying about the Republicans' "War on Women" by doing a count of those stories.  It would give me a headache.  Free birth control has always been of more concern to the NYT than the Islamic women murderers of the Boko Haram or similar groups, just as it has been to Gloria Steinem, et al. (How do the faculty and students of Brandeis University look now in their rescinding an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali in light of the Boko Haram atrocities?)

But all is not lost.  Times are changing, slightly. There are good signs -- and maybe there will be more -- and from Hollywood, of all places.  Jay Leno, perhaps because finally  free of his overlords at NBC, has just yesterday, with Ellen DeGeneres and others, publicly protested the sharia-loving (i. e. misogynistic) sultan of Brunei's ownership of the Beverly Hills Hotel.  A drop in the bucket, yes, but it's something, even though Hollywood has yet to say anything about the gobs of production money it is also receiving from the sharia-loving Gulf States.

Will these people still vote for Hillary Clinton?  Undoubtedly.  Old habits die hard.  But still others may wake up to who is fighting the real "War on Women" and give Hillary the kiss-off.

ADDENDUM: PJM's Bridget Johnson just reminded me of her post from November  2013 when State finally declared Boko Haram a terror organization.  What's most fascinating is the cluelessness of the asst. secretary of the religious motivation of Boko Haram.  To them, everything is economic.