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Benghazi: American 'Liberalism' and the Mainstream Media on Trial

This is a hundred times worse than Watergate and Monicagate, in which nobody died or was even hurt and only a dress was destroyed between them.  It's an absolute threat to the democratic principles of our republic.

So American "liberalism" and the mainstream media are now on trial, even if they don't know it (and a few of them do).  Can they face the reality of what they have wrought, investigate and purge themselves?  The Republicans had to go through this with Nixon.  It was hard, but they did it. Ultimately.

The most common reaction on the right to such a public acknowledgement by the left is -- impossible, never happen, they think they can do no wrong.  And those on the right who think that have a lot to point to for justification.

But Benghazi is a somewhat different situation.  More revelations are coming certainly. Democratic leaders like Pelosi look nervous.  Jay Carney appears like a cross between Baghdad Bob and a Soviet apparatchik when he stands in front of the press these days.  And many in the press themselves stand close to humiliation, not just the president of CBS News, who happens to be the brother of Ben Rhodes.

So we actually have a chance to win here.  If you get cynical and give up now,  if you natter on in the comments section of blogs about how media and the government will win in the end,  I'm sorry to tell you, but you -- as much as they -- are the problem. Never give up. Every one of us has to stay the course on Benghazi until this gets sorted out.

Keep the media and the left on trial.  Remember, even OJ didn't get away with it in the end.