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Rand Paul: Sleeping with the Enemy at Berkeley

That goes for the RINOS and the Tea Party that has had notable success in preaching to the choir, but shown little interest in going outside it.  Pointing to a handful of black members is not going outside. You have to go into their community.  Paul has.  He went to Detroit with a proposal for economic freedom zones.

Republicans need more of this, in fact they need a bombardment of creative plans.  Change the dialogue.  The administration has nothing and can have nothing because "liberalism" in its modern form is bankrupt.  Everybody knows that.  They don't even make an effort anymore beyond some dopey commercials with movie stars and basketball players. Even Obamacare may not have to be repealed.  It hardly exists now and may simply disappear.

I suspect, given how bad things have been the last 5-6 years, the country is ready to hear some radical proposals, like truly massive cuts to federal government programs  and a flat tax, maybe even, as Rick Perry suggested in the last election cycle, the complete elimination of some government departments.  He called for three.  How about four?

I am NOT one, however,  who thinks we should be cutting defense at all at this present time, given what's going on across the globe from Caracas to Tehran.  That's where I might diverge from Citizen Rand.  I get nervous when I read columns from his father about the Crimea.  Maybe Old Ron never visited the Soviet Union.  I did.  It was a jail the size of a continent. It went away for awhile, but unfortunately Evil Empires have  a way of coming back.

In any case, we shall see how Rand reacts to all this in the fullness of time. The way things are going, I suspect he won't be able to avoid it.