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Legal Weed? Governor Moonbeam Grows Up

Not only that, you are contributing to a creepy zeitgeist that has led to, according to an L.A. Times report Wednesday, a group of third graders being caught smoking marijuana in the grammar school bathroom up in California's Tuolomne County. Third graders?

Look, I don't think people should go to jail for possession or even sale of limited amounts of grass. But we should be very aware of what we are getting into. It's not all "Puff, the Magic Dragon-Kumbaya-pass-the-Fritos." I actually sympathize with Jerry's reluctance to jump on the bandwagon with Colorado and Washington and legalize pot in America's most populous state. Just thinking of the bureaucracy that would entail makes my head spin. The California Marijuana Control Board would end up the size of the Pentagon.

Perhaps the solution is to do what was recently suggested by venture capitalist Timothy Draper and break California into six states. I'm for that, if only for the fun of naming them. West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu could be "Katzenberg," the Bay Area "Pelosia," and the northern counties, of course, "Weedistan."