Obama's Strange Love Affair with the Muslim Brotherhood

There can be only one -- the president of the United States is actually psychologically disturbed. He does not react in a normal manner. I know that's a vicious and importunate thing to say, but the reaction to Egypt (and to Benghazi, for that matter) is not one of a psychologically healthy human being.

It's more than the narcissism of which he is often accused, as bad as that is. It's a form of extreme neurotic attraction to (notably Islamic) religious fascism. Obama is not a Muslim, but he has these deep feelings about it (some of them related to imperialism, others to his absent father, no doubt) that allow him to overlook, or rationalize, all that hideous misogyny, homophobia, and jihadist fanaticism, that loathing of democracy and freedom, even when it could not be more obvious. To Obama, those abhorrent -- monumentally illiberal -- behaviors and ideologies almost seem irrelevant. But they are the most relevant of all.

The Egyptian military are at least modern. The Brotherhood are decidedly anti-modern, determined to take Egypt, and the world, back to the Middle Ages. (Obama was also, many of us remember, oddly unsympathetic to the cause of the Green Movement in Iran -- his silence setting him apart from virtually every Western leader.)

As I have written before (way back in 2010), Obama is a real weirdo.

But speaking of strange love affairs, our liberals continue to act as if Obama is normal, at least most of them do. You see actual Western (liberal) women speaking up in defense of the Muslim Brotherhood on cable television. Are they crazy? Have they lost their minds? Have they ever been to Cairo?

Well, I have -- and it's unspeakably poor and depressed. The Egyptians, as many have written, can barely feed themselves. If you cared even the slightest about the Egyptian people, you would unremittingly support the Egyptian military. They are the Egyptians' only hope for a decent life at this point.

But not if you're Barack Obama, lost in a childhood fantasy.

His supporters don't even have that excuse.

Anyway, as we all know...