Benghazi Continued: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Yes, there is a lot to unravel here.  We have probably only just begun.

Most recently, we have learned via John Rosenthal, writing in Newsmax, that the State Department hired the February 17th Martyrs Brigade to do their security in Libya, a group that celebrates al Qaeda on their Facebook page. (Yes, you read that correctly.) If true, this is like having the Gestapo act as security for the Nuremburg Trials.

Not surprisingly, they quit only days before Ambassador Stephens was killed.

State clearly understands their reputation has been damaged, although I am not sure they realize how severely.  Their Accountability Review Board and its chair and vice chair (Ambassador Tom Pickering and Admiral Michael Mullen) have now relegated themselves to the dustbin of history.  Unbelievably, they never interviewed Hillary Clinton, the woman in charge.  Rumor has it Pickering was terrified. (If you want black comic laughs, you read can still read their final report of December 12, 2012 online here. I guess they haven’t mustered up the nerve to take it off yet.  They better watch out for the Way Back Machine.)

Now an inspector general will examine the ARB.  But who will examine the inspector general? And then where will it lead?

This entire scandal reminds me of the great Italian movie Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion.  Directed by Elio Petri, it won the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1971. In the case of the film the citizen in question was the chief of detectives who ended up being found guilty of murdering his mistress.  I wonder who it will be in Benghazi: The Motion Picture.

To be continued...