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'Income Inequality' — The Biggest Lie of All

So, on the surface, all this income inequality chatter is nothing more than hypocrisy, that "homage that vice pays to virtue," as La Rochefoucauld put it.  But it's really worse.  It's cynical and mean because all these so-called liberal solutions to poverty, solutions that have been tried hundreds of times since the Great Society, and probably before, to no avail,  suck the energy from the room, befuddle the media and the body politic and make it impossible for other methods to be tried, as with the Rand Paul idea referenced above.

Paul's approach, the Kentucky senator acknowledges, does not originate with him, but is really Jack Kemp's old "enterprise zones on steroids."  What Paul proposes is to lower taxes in the city drastically and suspend what many believe are excessive environmental and labor regulations to jump start business.  Naturally our friends on the left are appalled.  I'd like to be see his idea really be given a chance, to change the atmosphere that has pervaded our culture for decades, creating a climate of bitterness that seems to be growing.   One of the worst aspects of the perpetual liberal solution to the inequality problem is that it increases a person's dependency on government, something that is even worse for the individual emotionally than it is for the society economically.

One of the possible unintended consequences of the Obamacare fiasco  is that that public, if not the media, is ready to listen to different approaches.  Until they do, until we do, complaints about income inequality will remain what they are, so much liberal blather.

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com images.)