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Barack Obama, Libertarian Manufacturing Machine

We should examine how to shuck strategically much of our government to be more streamlined, more futuristic, to give us the opportunity to be entrepreneurial and modern, to solve problems as individuals and companies without government intrusion. Nothing is more weighted down than liberalism, as Obamacare shows clearly. This is a moment people are prepared to see that.

The situation is actually analogous to losing weight and getting into shape. When you do, many things change. You have more energy, more ideas. You are more optimistic.

But I would be remiss in not noting that no matter how small you think the government should be, how libertarian or quasi-libertarian, that ends at the water's edge. These freedoms, which after all come directly from our Constitution, are the very things that have made our enemies hate us, from Hitler to bin Laden. They are an argument for an even stronger defense. This is where Ron Paul gets it wrong. Libertarianism is great domestic policy. In the foreign policy arena, not so much. There it becomes a license for its own demise.