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Riddle of the Day — What Do John Kerry and Ayatollah Khamenei Have in Common?

But what, you might ask, is different about the two men, Kerry and Khaemenei? The obvious -- John Kerry is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the USA supreme leader. That honor of course goes to Barack Obama to whom Kerry must defer as the "great moderate" Rouhani must defer to Khamenei.

Everything Kerry does is cleared through, most likely dictated by, Obama. That includes the acquiescence to the heavy water reactor in Arak and all the various comments about Israelis wrecking the peace talks while it is Israel alone that has made the real concession -- releasing dozens of incarcerated murderous terrorists who had killed and maimed Israeli men, women and children over decades, sometimes in their sleep.

It is Obama too who is the one who pushes the hapless Kerry to settle with the Iranians at all costs, so that he (POTUS) can get the glory of being the "peacemaker." Fortunately, Obamacare has so tarnished the president's reputation -- and by extension Kerry's -- that no one will believe what he says anymore. Certainly America's partners in the so-called P5+1 negotiations with Iran must be a tad skeptical of our honesty at the moment.

And good thing too, because we do have an administration of incompetents who, while lying incessantly, have no real sense of what they want to accomplish. They don't know and nobody else does. Obama and Kerry have a foreign policy written by Groucho Marx -- "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others."

Unfortunately, our leaders are nowhere near as funny as Groucho, nor is Khamenei. But you have to admit the Ayatollah does have his principles -- and he sticks to them. Would that we did.