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How Can We Possibly Trust Obama on Iran?

What motivates Obama in his "dialogue" with Iran is the same thing that motivates him in everything: his own glory. With Obamacare what mattered is that national healthcare reform be associated with him; the details, as we now painfully learn, are unimportant. With Iran, it matters little if the mullahs ultimately have nuclear weapons or not, only that President Obama himself be perceived as the one who has solved the situation.

The good news is that the Iranians may be too fractious a society themselves to make a real deal (and then quietly go about building what weapons of mass destruction they desire the way the North Koreans have been able to do.) But I wouldn't count on it. Remember Rouhani was one of Ayatollah Khamenei's few approved candidates. In fact, the Iranians seem to rotate "moderates" (Khatami) and "hardliners" (Ahmadinejad) in order to manipulate outside pressures. I'm not sure which I prefer. The "hardliners" are more publicly noxious, but the "moderates" are probably more dangerous.

As important as Obamacare and other economics issues are, let's hope Congress is paying very close attention to these Iran negotiations. A president who is becoming increasingly defensive with each passing day is likely to do something erratic and dangerous. We cannot let him. Otherwise it will certainly be "Israel alone." Maybe it already is.