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Liberalism, the Decline of an Illusion

But this dumb show quality of liberalism does not mean they will not succeed. The very fact that they have no content may be an asset in these post-modern times. So what if there's no there there. If you control the levers of power, you disperse the money (to your corporate favorites) and have the glitzy White House parties.

But the public is beginning to wake up to the emptiness (and to their pocket books). They are angry. It is up to the right now not to bobble the ball, not to get lost in internecine rivalries. If this is a libertarian moment, as some are saying, seize it, but seize it in a direct and clear manner. Know what you stand for. One of the reasons Obamaa could never be transparent is he doesn't. He only stands for power -- and he's transparent enough about that.

More people than ever in my lifetime now want less government (well, maybe except for some people in New York City who just elected that Sandinista-loving bozo de Blasio -- they'll learn when their property values start to tank). It's up to us now to make it happen. All we have to do is overcome the illusion of liberalism. Since it isn't there, it shouldn't be all that difficult.