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Obama Should Be Impeached... for Cluelessness

If there is one investigative journalist left in Washington, D.C. who is not a court eunuch for this abysmal administration, he or she should be jumping on that last line immediately. What we will soon have before us is a circular firing squad of historic proportions as the administration attempts to blame a rogue intelligence agency for the decline of America's world reputation and vice versa.

This isn't funny. It's quite horrifying and depressing. What we are witnessing is the disintegration of our country under the governance of an absolutely incompetent president and administration.

Beyond that hopeless administration, however, is the larger question of what to do about the NSA and its mammoth spy capabilities. This is no simple question, considering the reality of murderous Islamic terrorism is still very much with us, perhaps even growing.

It's no easy task, but all of this will have to be worked out and rationalized so that private citizens can feel as if they are indeed private citizens -- and our allies can again feel as if they are our allies.

Toward that end, according to the same WSJ report, a government review in underway. As with most of these reviews, the committee consists of familiar names who can be relied upon not to rock boats and to protect the president:

Its members include Richard Clarke, who was a counterterrorism chief for former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush ; former Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Michael Morell ; University of Chicago Law School professor Geoffrey Stone ; former White House regulatory official Cass Sunstein ; and former Clinton and Obama administration economic and privacy official Peter Swire.

Speaking of the president, and also in the WSJ, according to a spokesperson, "a report in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reporting Mr. Obama personally authorized the tapping of Ms. Merkel in 2010, and was briefed on it by Gen. Alexander, was false."

Well then, I say, impeach him for cluelessness.