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Alinsky Lessons for Republicans

Like it or not, at this magnificent teaching moment, we all have to swallow our pride and take the circuitous crafty route to success. We have to be our own Alinskyites. If liberals can do it, we can do it. And trust me, they're reeling a little bit from all this. A few, just a few, may be open to change. But that's all we need to win everything.

The holiday season is fast upon us and friends and family will be getting together. In this radically divided country, feelings will be raw, as they have been for the last decade at least.

This is the time to lead your horse to water. In the conversation that will inevitably come up, take the low-key approach. Say, for example, shaking your head in concern, "I really wanted Obamacare to succeed." That's probably not true, but say it anyway -- and try to be heartfelt. (We've all lied in our lives over less -- and some of us have gotten away with it.)

If you say it enough times, with enough deep feeling, maybe they'll believe you. At least they'll nod their heads in some way. Then you might add, with a thoughtful frown, "I'm trying to figure out why Apple Computer could sell 9 million iPhones in one weekend but people couldn't even get on the government's healthcare website for weeks."

Now the answer to this is obvious -- Apple is a private business subject to competition and seeking to make a profit (and how!) and a government website is, well, just the opposite -- socialism. It doesn't work and never has. But whatever you do, DON'T say this. Let your friend or relation figure it out -- or get part of the way there, even very tentatively.

At that point, you have to be even more low key. You have to say something like, "Yeah, you may be right. I'll have to think about that."

Now at that point, either they're going to punch you in the nose, or you're going to get them thinking. If it's the former, my only suggestion to you is to duck ---or learn Krav Maga.

But if it's the latter -- score! You and we are on the way. Victory in 2014.

(Artwork created using a modified Shutterstock.com image.)