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Rand Paul's New Constitutional Amendment Should Be a Litmus Test for Who Stays in Congress

In fact, one would think everyone -- left, right or center -- would support this amendment. Wouldn't an avowed socialist like Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont find contemptible this exploitation of the lower classes by the political bourgeoisie? And what about that staunch defender of unions Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois? And the so-called centrists over at "no labels" -- shouldn't they, defenders of good governance, be up in arms about this?

Shouldn't everybody be?

But the real question is how the voters themselves will respond. I'm willing to bet that after another six or eight months of the Obamacare nightmare they're going to be so hopping mad that any legislator who voted him or herself an exemption is going to be shown the door so fast they won't know whether they went through the front or the back. Who would want to vote for the immoral creeps?

Paul's amendment should be the new litmus test for who should or should not be reelected to Congress, irrespective of political party.

For the record, this is not entirely Paul's amendment. Though he deserves credit for bringing it up now in the Senate, PJM's Bridget Johnson reported a similar idea proposed in the House of Representatives last August by Congressmen Salmon and DeSantis. They are to be commended as well.

Most importantly, we should all be getting behind Paul on this -- now.


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