ObamaCare Best Advertisement for Libertarianism Ever

In truth, especially in a big country like ours, the more the government controls healthcare, the worse that care is -- and, ironically, the less democratic, the more discriminatory, it becomes. Where there are bureaucrats, there is favoritism. And the greater the bureaucracy the greater this favoritism and the more difficult to unmask, the more entrenched it is.

I saw a glimpse of this future on cultural exchanges to the Soviet Union in the eighties when I visited Scriptwriters 1 and 2 -- twin high-rise residences inhabited by writers approved by the Communist Party. I was told these residences had the best healthcare in the USSR (excepting the Kremlin, undoubtedly) right in the building. I also gathered that many who lived there hadn't written a word in years, except for a required article here or there fulsomely praising the regime. Naturally, the dissident writers did not live in the building, but in dank hovels, assuming they were not in jail.

What a great way to keep your writers in line, I thought. It could work here -- and now maybe it will.

Yes, it's grim, but we can look upon ObamaCare as a gift. If it is as bad as we think it is, it should be relatively easy to expose.

It will be an albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party, an albatross that could be lethal in 2014.

We must be sure though to publicize that. A campaign of ridicule should be non-stop and begin now. Every misstep must be trumpeted, if possible with humor. Mockery can change minds.

The defunding campaign may have failed, but the path to a full repeal is clear And that is electoral victory in 2014 and 2016.

Toward that end, time for the right to learn a skill they have long neglected -- public relations.

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