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What if They Shut Down the Entire Government?

Now we shouldn't forget the fire department. Especially here in Southern California, it's a concern. But it seems to me the last few fires volunteers were all over the place. Maybe they could handle it. And then there are some districts where people pay for private fire-fighting forces. I hear they work well, better than the public ones, in fact.

The same thing could probably work for potholes. I'm sure in my neighborhood we could get them fixed faster through a private source. Maybe it would even work for highway construction. The first railroads were private companies, weren't they?

So I'm beginning to think there's a big upside in this government shutdown, if only we could encourage it to grow and expand. Tell your congressman. He or she can go home.

We'd all save a lot of time, too. No more bureaucracies and red tape. If John Lennon were still alive, he would have to rewrite "Imagine" to make us appreciate such freedom. ("Imagine there's no taxes, state or national too, no forms to fill out, no more punch holes to do.... Imagine all the people, ignoring the IRS," etc... you get the idea.)

Okay, I know I'm forgetting something. There's a reason this can't work. Some way in which government is indispensable.

What is it? What is it?

Oh, yeah, I think I remember now. It's four syllables. Starts with an "O."

Right -- Obamacare! I knew there was a reason we can't close down the government. I'm sorry. I forgot.


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