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Should the Republicans Mount a 'Charm Offensive'?

So stop yelling and screaming about Obama and calling him the worst president in history, even if he is.  Stop fulminating against Harry Reid and Holder and the rest of the abysmal crew.  Stop even excoriating the execrable Dems in Congress who just voted themselves exemptions from the Orwellian Affordable Care Act that you can't have.

Instead, treat the liberals like misguided children who need help -- because, in some ways, that's what they are. They are children lost in ideologies that failed decades ago.  Make the public your allies in this. They know liberalism (the modern kind) doesn't work.  But take an "aw, shucks" approach.  Reagan would. Remember "There you go again."

Approach it this way -- how can we help these guys (the libs) see what any ordinary citizen (or person for that matter) knows?  And do it smiling.

In other words, co-opt America.  It's waiting for it.... and it needs it.

And don't for a moment act superior or think you know it all.  (Note to self: that means you.)  Nobody does.  Things have come to a terrible pass.  We all know it.  A different tack must be taken.  Repeating the approaches of the past is foolish.

This doesn't mean, of course, you don't tell the truth. This isn't rehashed "compassionate conservatism."  It's more pragmatic than that -- and frankly more cynical.  It's playing to win.   You just do it in the most ingratiating manner and in a way that makes the other think, as much as possible, that it was their idea.

We all do things like this in business and professional situations all the time without giving it a second thought. Our economic survival often depends on it.  It's time to do it in our public life.  Our national survival depends on it.

(Artwork based on a modified Shutterstock.com image.)