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Another iPhone 5S Review You Don't Need

Okay, so how good is this thing?  Answer:  it's fine.  Camera's a little better, Siri's a little better (I said "Open the voice memo app" and it did it -- not that that matters), the thumbprint activation is fun (sort of like the PJ Media office door) and it almost always works (again sort of like the PJ Media office door).

But the truth about whether you should buy an iPhone 5S couldn't be more obvious.  If you've got an iPhone 4S or below, you'd be an idiot not to.  Assuming you're keeping your cellular service, you're paying for it anyway.  Why not have a better phone?  If you already have an iPhone 5 and aren't George Soros, save your money and suffer until next year when the iPhone 6 comes out and you can lord it over all us hapless iPhone 5S owners. (I'm already gnashing my teeth.)

And you can have the IOS 7 operating system now without having to buy anything and get that nifty button that turns your phone into a flashlight.

Speaking of which, I noted on Instapundit a few minutes ago that Glenn hasn't downloaded IOS7 to his phone yet.  Don't listen to him.  Go for it.  He's probably one of those guys who didn't buy the White Album until six weeks after it came out.

And as for you Android fans, I'm saving you for last.  You don't like Apple, eh?  It's totalitarian and behind the times.  Baloney.  Apple products are what they are because they are aesthetically gorgeous and fantastically well made.  When you pick up an iPhone, it's like getting behind the wheel of a BMW.  Would you rather have a Chevy or a BMW?  And in this case the difference isn't thirty grand,  it's like forty bucks.  And your iPhone will work with your Air and your iPad and soon enough, probably, your television and your wrist watch without your having to think about it.  What's not to like?

I look at it this way -- every second I spend complaining about iPhones of iPads or iWhatever, which work, is a second I'm NOT complaining about Obamacare, which most certainly won't.