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Islam Needs an Intervention

So back to the question of how to stage this intervention.  This is extremely difficult, but I am going to take a flyer with some suggestions. I invite all to respond.  (And, yes, I know, rounding up all the Muslims in the world for an intervention like your Cousin Phil is a tad inconvenient, but think metaphorically.)

1. Most importantly, start being honest.  Say that Islam itself is the cause of all this atrocious violence and must be corrected, must have a fundamental reformation of the religion. Keep talking about the reformation -- keep demanding it of them -- all the time.  Why have you not joined the modern world?  Why do you oppress women? Urge them to reform and never stop.  No more euphemisms about "religion of peace" or "work place violence."  If you kill for Allah, you are evil, immoral and sick.  You don't kill for anybody's God.

2.  Make clear that Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with democratic U.S. values. We will not have it here because it is fundamentally misogynistic and intolerant of other religions, against many of the principles of our Constitution. Ban it in the USA.  If you want Sharia law, stay in an Islamic country. Do not come here.  In other words, force Islamic law to change if they want entry to this country.

3. Set up special schools in American values for Muslim children who do come.  Make them listen to American Constitutional values and explain to them why freedom of religion and equal rights for women are not only important, but essential.

4.  Speak publicly against multiculturalism. All cultures are clearly not the same.  Some are repressive.  Islam is repressive and intolerant of others.

5. Ban the use of the veil as they have in France.  The oppression of women is not permitted in America.

6. Treat the Muslim Brotherhood as what they are -- an Islamofascist organization, not an incipient democratic one. Organizations like that will never change if you believe, or play along with, their lies.

6. Take foreign policy out of the hands of the State Department, which simply enabled the situation we have today, and start a new outreach organization willing to tell the truth.  (Yes, I realize this last one will take an intervention on our own government, but I warned you, this wasn't simple.)

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com images.)