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Mr. Netanyahu's Dilemma

Ironically, Syria should have made everything obvious to Netanyahu, if it wasn't already. Obama is not a man to be trusted.

So what does this mean? Is it good news for the mullahs?

I think not. With the Arab Islamic world in a state somewhere between nervous breakdown and cataclysm, everywhere behaving like refugees from the ninth century, Israel has, more than ever, a license to act by itself in its own defense.

The only people who might complain (other than the obvious lip service from secretly relieved Arab nations) are Obama himself and his Islamofascist cohort the nauseating Recep Erdogan. And Obama is not exactly Mr. Popular at this moment.

This too must not be lost on Netanyahu and his cabinet. The more complex question they have to evaluate is -- is it worth it? Egypt, Syria, and now Lebanon are imploding by themselves. Might not the same thing happen to Iran?

It's possible. Events are moving quickly. If Assad's regime collapses, his masters in Tehran may follow.

But it's unlikely there would be a regime change in Iran in time to interdict its nuclear program. Indeed, it's unclear that a regime change would even do that. Nationalistic impulses might prevail.

Meanwhile, allowing the mullahs to have nuclear weapons is the equivalent of giving a loaded gun to a two year old. It's not a gamble anybody should take.

Although some on the right are impatient with Netanyahu for not acting already, I am not one of them. Timing is everything -- and the time wasn't right.

It is now, however. The Syrian use of chemical weapons has made that even clearer. And waiting for -- or believing in -- Obama is absurd.