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Enemies, A Horror Story: Syria, Obama, and Iran

Our president dithered at the outset of this war, when he might have done some good, and has continued to dither vis-a-vis Syria's patron Iran, which is exponentially more dangerous as nuclear weapons are to chemicals.

As of now that dithering continues, our government is awaiting the proposals, or lack thereof, of new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, who is known to have participated in the 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish community center terror bombing that killed 85.

In other words again, our government awaits policy changes from a mass murderer.

But not to worry, we are assured Rouhani is a "moderate," just as we were once assured Bashar Assad, a medical doctor, would moderate the policies of his murderous father Hafez. Actually, he doubled down on them. Or quintupled down. Or something.

If he is responsible for the Ghouta gassings, he's left his father far behind and is moving into Pol Pot territory.

And if he's not, if the Syrian resistance, or whatever they're called, is responsible for this horror show, it's no better. The moral is the same. Anyone who allows weapons of mass destruction into the hands of anyone in that part of the world is out of his bloomin' mind.

And that means especially the president of the United States. If Barack Obama allows Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, he will have been hands down the worst president in the history of the United States.

No one will be even close.