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End the Civil Rights Movement

eric_holder_race_card_big-6-6-12 The bill's long overdue on Eric Holder's maxed-out race card.

Let's find some productive work for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest. Find them a shovel-ready project.

And forget about race.

Forget about Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and all of that.

Stop the endless discussions of race on the cable news networks, send the talking heads out to pasture or make them blather on about something else, force Geraldo to ignore the next phony story about someone who allegedly called somebody something twenty years ago when they had too much bourbon.

And absolutely no more talk of the n-word, crackers or any other racial epithet known or unknown. Just drop it.

And when we discuss Oprah, tell it like it really is -- she's a celebrity who has been extremely rich and famous for decades and has almost no idea what it's really like to be a shopgirl in Zurich or anywhere else.

Her story is one of Marie Antoinette, not Rosa Parks.

And that's the point. Rosa Parks was a very brave woman who made a tremendous contribution to our country -- in 1955! That's almost sixty years ago. Stop this nostalgia for racism. Stop playing the race card. Switch to Old Maid -- or rummy. End the civil rights movement. We should all honor Rosa Parks' great contribution by moving on.

(Artwork created using images from Shutterstock.com.)