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Richard Dawkins' Islam Problem and Ours

This isn't just political correctness. In the United States, where jihadist mass murderer Major Hasan is on trial for "workplace violence," it has become government policy.

But behind closed doors, almost nobody believes this nonsensical rhetoric. Just as there are no atheists is foxholes (well, Richard Dawkins excepted perhaps), no one's "politically correct" getting on airplanes (we're all a bit more nervous if some of the passengers look Islamic) or even, post Boston Marathon, attending sporting events.

We're just not supposed to talk about it.

Richard Dawkins, however, is being excoriated for pointing out the obvious. These days the Islamic world has a giant problem --- they've been moving backwards for hundreds of years while the rest of the world moves forward (although rather fitfully). And they're visiting that problem on all of us.

Dawkins' sin that has his opponents aflutter isn't lying about this. It's telling the truth about it.

He may have impulse-control issues -- Twitter is one of the epicenters of that -- but he's no more a bigot than most of us. We all think that way, even many of his critics. We just shut up about it.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Well, it's not simple, but our public dishonesty complicates matters. It also amounts to infantilizing Muslims -- basically a racist policy. They are infants who cannot take criticism. (Hillary Clinton's monumentally hypocritical apology for the Nakoula Nakoula video is a particularly wretched example of this behavior.)

The least you can say for Dawkins is that, unlike Hillary, he doesn't treat Muslims like children.