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The Democratic Party's War on Women

But that's only the obvious part. Every human being I have encountered, including myself of course, has probably lied at one time or another. It's just a question of the extent and the situation. These men, however, have brought the most egregious and unpleasant lies, that should only lead to private expiation, into the public sphere -- humiliating friends, family and supporters, not to mention the society at large -- and, to some extent at least, have gotten away with it. They act as if they are still entitled to run for office after all this and not head off to Bangladesh for exculpation by cleaning latrines (as they should).

How and why did that happen in our culture? What has changed the atmosphere?

Not long ago many of us thought (I include myself again) that Americans invested too much in the private lives of our politicians. We should be more like, say, the French who were able to divorce these things.

So we all shrugged our shoulders -- or many of us did anyway -- when Bill Clinton performed various sex acts in the hallway outside the Oval Office and evidently under his White House desk as well. We out-Frenched the French (pardon my vulgarisms).

The culture forgave old rascal Bill, but now we have sociopathic Anthony and people are beginning to get uncomfortable. How, as I just asked, did this happen?

Well, I'll tell you -- if Hillary could forgive Bill, everybody could. She was the first Huma Abedin and, far from coincidentally, Huma's boss and ultimately, we can be reasonably certain, her role model. Stand by your man, even if it seems absurdly anti-feminist and reactionary.

Hillary Clinton has, more than anyone I can think of, led our culture to where it is now.

We all remember well Hillary in high dudgeon blaming her husband's (serial, she knew well) adultery on the "vast right-wing conspiracy." What kind of person does that? How disconnected is that from reality -- how narcissistic, selfish and, well, sociopathic?

This is the same Hillary Clinton who told the father of fallen Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods -- at his son's funeral -- that they were going to get that obscure and hapless filmmaker who made the dopey anti-Islam video, when all along she knew Tyrone and the others were the victims of an al-Qaeda-related terror attack. The word "entitlement" cannot encompass that behavior.

And she was, maybe still is, the mentor of Huma Abedin. The mind, as they say, boggles. And Huma, of course, is the daughter of a leader of the fundamentalist Muslim Sisterhood.

I cannot even begin to draw all the connections there. Maybe I don't even want to know. Besides, Andy McCarthy has done it better than I ever could.

But one connection I will draw -- the way Democratic liberals treat women is the same way they treat blacks... as coolies.