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Martin Bashir's Nostalgic Liberal Racism

This is a common scenario and helps explain why most racists today are on the left. They are racists by projection and by nostalgia. Oh for the good old days when America was racist and folks were easily classifiable.

That's not really true, of course. As a young Democrat in 1964 I was appalled by the number of members of my party blocking the Civil Rights Act while it seemed okay with so many Republicans. There are numerous other instances of such confusion. But today the Democratic Party depends on racial division for its electoral success. If people voted based on policy and not ethnicity, the party would be extinct.

Paradoxically, that would not be a good thing. America needs a two-party system (at minimum). Democracy does not exist otherwise.

Martin Bashir clearly cannot "contain" that knowledge in the psychoanalytic sense, so he projects out rage at his adversaries, accusing them of racism for which he has no evidence other than his own fantasies.

If you're looking for a real division in our society -- rather than an imaginary one -- the IRS scandal provides one that is truly disturbing. Apparently 95% of IRS workers are Democrats. Not only does that render the question how much Obama was personally involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups almost moot, it is the closest thing to a license for totalitarianism I have ever heard about in this country.