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Last Blog from Tel Aviv — Trouble at [REDACTED] Headquarters

The Center has a website with much of the same information as the small museum, which I recommend. Among their most important holdings are documents taken from the PLO that include direct signed orders from Yasser Arafat, controlling virtually everything and demonstrating he was indeed a master terrorist in charge of all aspects of his organization through his checkbook,

John Kerry might want to peruse some of these documents as he launches the next round of negotiations. Money's tight these days and we've already blown off stunning amounts of cash on these characters for no discernible benefit. Why should it be any different this time?

Ah, but not to worry. I read in Haaretz this morning that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has appointed an academic (Rami Hamdallah) to be the new Palestinian Authority prime minister. What a relief. Corruption will no doubt be a thing of the past and we will move swiftly to peace.

I am writing this in Jerusalem, the next stop on our itinerary, where we toured the Old City today. The excavations are much more extensive than when I was last here twenty years ago and are quite extraordinary, particularly a subterranean tour you can take under the length of the Western Wall. The Israelis take archaeology seriously, not only for its own sake but also for obvious reasons of patrimony.

Thanks to all the commenters who have written the kind notes about my travels.

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