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Global Cooling on Memorial Day

Well, sure. That's the conventional wisdom. But as Rick Moran pointed out on this site:

Uncovering the facts of the IRS scandal for a media outlet means a ton of online clicks and increased readership. In these very tough times for newspapers, especially, getting the story first and accurately is of paramount importance.

In any big story like the IRS, AP, and even Benghazi scandals, reporters don’t see red or blue; they see green.

I agree. But both Peter and Rick have left something else out of the equation -- us. On Memorial Day, it seems well worth remembering that we are a republic and we the citizens have a vote, indeed what should be the vote, in this matter. We cannot let these scandals go away until they are fully explicated and the proper punishments doled out. No matter what the press does, if we allow these scandals to disappear, shame on us.

All those people whose sacrifices we celebrate on Memorial Day are watching us, not to mention the extraordinary Mr. Franklin, who famously challenged us after the Constitutional Convention with the words "A republic -- if you can keep it."

It's Memorial Day. Let's have a few burgers and beers, in the cold or the sunshine, and then get a move on. With the Benghazi lies, the blatant misuse of our Internal Revenue Service for political goals, and the chilling suppression of freedom of the press, we can do no less. In fact, we have no choice, if we want to keep it.