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Benghazi Continues: Hillary de Medici

Of course, a number of media will do their best to spin this email. People will come out to say they reconsidered the conclusion afterwards, it was the fog of war, etc.

But they will be lying and they will know it. They will allow themselves to lie, however, because it is for them to protect what they consider to be greater goods -- at that time the reelection of Barack Obama and, later, the ascendancy of Hillary.

It’s all “the ends justify the (lying) means”  or, in Islamic terms, it’s taqiyya. (The odd similarity of the communist “the ends justify the means” and the Islamic concept of taqiyya -- lying to the Infidel for the benefit of Islam is permissible -- would be an interesting comparison study.)

So we are back in a Watergate-type situation and, as with those times, we are going to have to work our way up the food chain. Testimony at the hearing attested to the obvious -- that the Accountability Review Board report (already itself under investigation) only held mid-level people responsible. How convenient and how predictable.

Fortunately, several Haldeman and Ehrlichman stand-ins suggest themselves, among them Jones and the recipients of her email.

Most prominent among those names is attorney Cheryl Mills, sometimes called Hillary’s “fixer.” People, we were told, pick up the phone when she calls.

Her name popped up several times during the hearings. She apparently turned cold on poor Gregory Hicks when he wandered off the reservation. Hicks was also warned that he and others were not to give one-on-one interviews to Jason Chaffetz when the Utah congressman went to Libya to investigate. (Hicks has apparently been demoted and has no real job. So much for the vaunted support for "whistle blowers.")

Welcome to the Soviet Union, Mr. and Mrs. America.

So allow me to turn back to my second paragraph about those who would be cynical about what is transpiring. Sorry, but it’s too late for that. Playing Malvolio is a luxury we can no longer afford.

This is a time that private citizens can do a lot. They can inform themselves about the facts and issues of Benghazi as they come up and explain them to friends, family, and co-workers.  You might even change a mind or two. Teachable moments this dramatic come along extremely rarely.  The last one I can think of was September 11, 2001.  That changed the lives of a lot of us, some even permanently.