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On Marriage — Again

This personal story is anecdotal, of course -- but it’s also real. And I suspect it is not terribly exceptional. Those homosexuals, I repeat, who aspire to marriage are a self-selected group, more so, perhaps, than heterosexuals, especially given the data I rehearsed above.

So when I listen to Hugh and Dennis, much as I love and admire them, they seem as if they are coming from another planet on this issue.  The horse has been out of the barn on gay marriage for so long it’s already lapping every track from Hialeah to Hollywood Park.

And guess what -- nothing has happened to the institution of marriage, except, sadly, from those heterosexuals deserting it.  And that is clearly not the homosexuals' fault.

Yes, I know that the Bible says this and that, but I am not going to enter into a theological debate.  (Certainly not with Dennis -- I would be an unarmed man!)  I would ask, instead, for social conservatives to take their fight off the political playing field.

I have previously pointed out that they would be more successful persuading us gay-marriage adherents of the rightness of their cause outside that arena. It makes psychological sense.

More importantly, as a serial monogamist and devoted romantic about marriage, I would remind them to concentrate on the real problem.  Marriage is in serious jeopardy.  Pay more attention to that, not to a tiny minority who seek what you already have.

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