Obama Preaches to the Israeli Choir

One wonders what it would have been like if Obama had delivered a speech like this to Palestinian students, complimenting them but still telling them directly to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and work with the Israelis to build mutual prosperity.

Would the speech have been met with the same resounding applause and standing ovations reported by The Algemeiner?

Not only do I suspect not, I would have been shocked to see it.

Obama sweet-talked the Israelis, but not in the way he sweet-talked the Arab world in the 2009 Cairo speech.  There were no apologies to Israel and not likely to be any. What went on behind closed doors with Netanyahu and others may have had a distinctly different tone. Who knows?

But in all, it could have been worse.  My prediction: Obama’s trip to the Holy Land will be virtually forgotten within days, even before the Cypriot banks open on Monday.  Then… fuhgedaboutdid.