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Obama and One-Party Rule

If this keeps up, who needs a revolution or Cloward-Piven or anything else? Before we know it, we will have an elite, top-down society much like China, a form of state capitalism, which, it now seems, is the natural evolution of Marxism (almost the reverse of the “withering away of the state” envisioned by Karl). Russia has something similar, if less successful.

We are not that far off ourselves. Solyndra and other bogus “green” enterprises are most likely harbingers of this state capitalism. This form of business management may soon be pervasive.

The only thing that is lacking for this to succeed is true “one-party rule.” The media – at least most of it – won’t object. Such leading MSM figures as Thomas Friedman have written approvingly of China, admiring the efficiency of their system. We could be the same.

We may indeed have been living in an odd bubble, one of the rare times in human history that a true democratic republic was functioning.

Obama then would be a genuine transitional figure, one who has brought us back to our natural state of elitist managerial oppression.

Benjamin Franklin would not have been surprised.