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CPAC Deflates the 'Big Tent' over GOProud

This would seem to be ground zero for conservatives and libertarians of all strains, united as we are in keeping government out of our fiscal lives to the greatest degree possible.

That is where the “big tent” can and should begin on the right and GOProud has long been a stellar part of that from its inception.

Although I have no particular status in this argument, I would urge the CPAC leadership to reconsider their decision.  They are putting more at jeopardy than they seem to realize.

Politics is largely about perception. Once you are perceived to be bigoted, you are, even if that perception is untrue. In a case like this, where there is an arguable truth, the situation becomes yet more troublesome.

It tarnishes all of us who wish to effectuate genuine change in our country and makes it even more difficult to make that change.

Remember: if you grow up in a society where being gay is socially acceptable, as it demonstrably is in today’s America, and you are a young person who senses that his friends are being discriminated against, being denied that happiness that you can have, fairly or not, you will think the people who practice that discrimination to be loathsome. You will disregard everything they have to say.