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Who's the Racist? Sam Tanenhaus, Meet Dr. Benjamin Carson

From my observation, nothing ever really changed in South Central -- even after the various riots.  The Democratic Party had set up a patronage system that almost made it impossible to see genuine improvement, instead elevating the likes of Maxine Waters to exploit her own people while keeping them dependent on the welfare system.  The Great Society itself had done that too -- set up a new form of servitude for the very people it pretended to help.

Later, when I took over PJ Media, I got to meet a lot of amazing black people who understood that -- from Shelby Steele and AlfonZo Rachel to Joe Hicks (himself a former Black Panther). Sam Tanenhaus, of course, doesn’t get it.  He continues the traditional, fuddy-duddy liberal line.

It’s easy to make fun of Tanenhaus.  Matt Welch at Reason points out the racial make-up of The New Republic (you’ll never guess), and the ever-amusing Ace of Spades has his fun.

But again, it goes deeper. Ironically, as Tanenhaus’ article appears on the cover of TNR, perhaps causing sufficient controversy to ignite interest in that otherwise fading publication, a video has surfaced online of a speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson.  Dr. Carson, an African-American professor from Johns Hopkins, had the temerity to say a few obvious things about our country in front of Barack Obama of all people.

If you haven’t seen his speech, do so immediately.  It would be interesting to know how Sam Tanenhaus reacted, if he watched it. Of course who would want to listen to Carson? He's merely a pediatric neurosurgeon (is anyone closer to God than that?), while Tanenhaus is an editor at the New York Times.