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Chuck Hagel Humiliates Chuck Schumer: Obama's 'Good Jews' Revisited

You would think with the “Arab Spring” turning into an unremitting display of psychotic religious fascism and fanaticism, chemical weapons ping-ponging between Syria and Hezbollah, Egypt imploding, Iran on the brink, etc., Schumer would take his role more seriously.  Evidently not.  His ambition has trumped all.  He, with Obama’s other “good Jews” (Lew, Emanuel, Axelrod, etc.), plays along to get along, in almost any situation.

But are they, as some suggested in the comments to my January 22 column, the equivalent of the “kapos” and “sonderkommandos” of World War II, Jews who worked for the Nazis?  Of course not.  Not even close.  But they are extremely weak men whose ambition makes them blind to what is in plain sight and not willing to risk anything to jeopardize their position, the very essence of corruption.

Chuck Schumer’s ringing endorsement of Chuck Hagel now seems like one mammoth embarrassment.  If Schumer were a man of substance or even relative decency, he would now apologize or at least distance himself in some way.  This is not even a matter of political ideology at this point.  It is an  matter of basic honesty.  Hagel is quite simply not qualified for one of the most crucial positions in our country on any level. Will Schumer admit it?  If not -- liberal, conservative or Zen Buddhist -- he is a contemptible hack.

And what about  Dershowitz?  How will he react to this farce?

We're waiting.

UPDATE:  The first version of this column contained a reference to former NYC Mayor Ed Koch along with Dershowitz.  Ironically and sadly, Koch died after I had written this article in Los Angeles Thursday evening and gone to sleep.  Rest in peace.


Hey, Jews, the Joke’s on You!