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Message from Mali: Keep Fracking, America!

Meanwhile, we should do everything we can to encourage our own energy independence that is already well under way via fracking. It's worth noting that recent fatal kidnapping violence occurred at a "remote desert gas plant" in Algeria where foreigners, including Americans, were working. What kind of a life is that? Who would want to be there when they could be back in Ohio or Pennsylvania pulling our own home grown energy out of the ground?

Not only might fracking save the U.S. economy, it might also force a new maturity on the Islamic world by making its people face reality. It also would deny nations like Saudi Arabia (our embarrassingly reactionary friends) and Iran and Venezuela (our even more reactionary enemies) the means to threaten others while oppressing their own people.

I know that sounds, if anything, more optimistic than an old neoconservative claim that an Iraq invasion would build a new Middle East, but we don't have many other choices -- other than bombing what remains of their culture into oblivion. The message of Mali should be clear: more fracking, please.

Apropos of which, two films about fracking have been released recently. I have seen neither of them, one (FrackNation, a pro-fracking documentary I understand is quite good) because I have not had the opportunity yet and the other (Promised Land, an anti-fracking Hollywood feature starring Matt Damon) because I have no intention of wasting my time watching it, although a free Academy screener of Promised Land sits about five feet away from me as I type this. Mr. Damon should be ashamed of himself for creating such uber-conventional, fuddy-duddy, bourgeois eco-twaddle. He deserves nothing more than all-expense paid trip to Mali -- on Al Gore's private jet.