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Who's Worse — Al Gore or Bernie Madoff?

Gore is oddly similar. Years ago, he undoubtedly believed anthropogenic global warming was taking us to planetary armageddon. (Ironically, he had much less right to his conclusions than Madoff, because Gore was less of an expert in his field by considerable degrees. In fact, he was a failure in science as an undergraduate and had to rely entirely on the opinions of others, scientists who had everything to gain from the subvention of the global warming industry.)

When revelations like the Climategate emails appeared, Gore ignored or derided them. After all, by that point, he was deeply involved in setting up carbon exchanges in Europe and the USA. Billions of dollars were involved and international policies at play that would cost billions, even trillions, more while dominating and distorting the global economy. These numbers made Madoff seem trivial.

The recent dispute over the latest warming figures from the British MET office make the commitment of sums of this titanic size seem like a form of mega-theft from global (largely American, one assumes) taxpayers.

And yet that is what Al Gore wanted.

He has been on the wrong side of everything -- first making AGW into a phony catastrophe and now introducing the mouthpiece of Sharia into American homes, while personally gaining hundreds of millions in the process.

What a guy.

And you thought Bernie Madoff was bad.

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