Is Liberalism Dead?

You see this ideological confusion filtering into the arts as well.  Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest offering, The Dictator, with its clever parody of Islamic strongmen, not to mention dimwitted tree huggers, could have come from a neocon playbook until General Aladeen, played by Cohen, makes a final speech, referencing the “one percent” in a manner that sounded like Obama campaign boilerplate.

It felt so tacked on you knew Cohen didn’t really believe it.  Two minutes later he’s back to “normal” with Aladeen ordering the murder of his new wife when he discovers she’s Jewish.

Given that their ideology is dying, no wonder liberals no longer want to debate the issues.  They avoid serious discussion at every possible juncture, changing the conversation to putative racism, sexism, classism -- anything but the proverbial elephant in the room, economic demise.

And yet -- as I mentioned -- the polls still show Obama even with Romney.  How can we explain this?  Why can't they face reality?

Liberalism may not exist, but the lust for power does.  And their need to cling to this power is so great they are willing to ignore reality and to forget their children, the ones who will suffer most from the economic cataclysm of their own ideology.  They will literally do anything or say anything to maintain control.  They will even contradict everything they stand for to survive.

But secretly  -- I am more than ever convinced -- many of them know they are wrong.  Our job is to bring them over. To make them comfortable. But we must bring them over soon before it is too late for all of us.